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Event Center Ground Breaking

Posted Date: 11/13/2020

Event Center Ground Breaking



(left to right in picture) Participating in the day were athletic director Bink Stafford, school board member Mike Mathis, county commissioner Salty Melton, MacHill Construction superintendent Jory Whitlock, project manager Michael Barnes, school board member Mark Glenn, MPS Superintendent Larry Case, county commissioners Josh Cantrell and Chris Duroy, school board member Clay Savage, and city manager James Fullingim.

There will be 4 different phases of construction. The bleachers will be poured after phase 2 and 3. The steel is expected to begin going up by the end of November. Project manager Barnes said, “When the steel begins going up, that will be the real excitement! The town will get excited and people will be talking about it.”

Barnes continued to talk about the complicated structure and the challenges of how it goes together to tie the different phases of structure together. The event center includes locker rooms for cheerleaders and basketball players, three stem classrooms, a hospitality room, weight room, concession area and more.

Barnes finished by stating, “This will be a top-notch facility and wil change the landscape of the school grounds.”

The expected date to be finished with the event center is fall of 2022.